Your website may need a makeover, better functionality, stronger branding or improved technology to deliver the experience your users expect. With CNP Integrations as your partner you can have the confidence to do more while maximizing your time and minimizing your costs. Our roadmap to success will ensure you have the security and competence to move forward with your priorities and objectives while respecting your budget and timeline.


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Phone: +1-508-644-1553
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Call us: +1-508-644-1553

CNP Integrations by design is a Value Network dedicated to helping bridge the right technical resources and creative talent together for achieving results with your Joomla! CMS project.

  • We integrate the people involved with the processes and the technology to create success stories.
  • We bring it all together, make it work right and teach you how to be the most effective with your web based tools using Joomla.

Our team of Joomla experts, technical support engineers and sr. programmers are focused on delivering solid technical platforms while helping you get the most from your investment. Our mentoring approach is tailored to the needs of your organization and project, so that your team can be the most effective with using the Joomla CMS.

The CNP Integrations Value Network has the right talent, infrastructure and technology solutions to support the future of your business, institution or organization online.

Our Growing Team of Joomla Support Experts:

  • Christopher Nielsen – General manager - Project Manager
  • James Arthur – Project Manager
  • Fred Sarhadi – Graphic Designer - Branding Consultant - Project Manager
  • Donna Freitas – Accounting Manager
  • Kelly Souza – Office Administration - Book Keeping
  • Bruce Letterle +1 – Hosting, Sys admin and Infrastructure Management
  • Rob Joyce +5 – Programming and Development Team Leader
  • Erico Rodriguez Lopez - Sr. UI designer, Technical support and programming
  • Mohamed Mostafa - Sr. Systems analyst and programmer
  • Jeanne San Pascual - Executive Assistant and Content Editor

CNP Integrations has built a world class support network for the Joomla! CMS platform. Our team is very active in the Joomla! CMS software development community that drives the platform to excel at meeting customer expectations. Our process management and the talent we attract, puts us in a unique position to provide innovative solutions to our clients. Our practice of effective transparent communication and a pro-education strategy helps assure you are always able to make the best most informed business decisions regarding your projects.

The big difference you will find with CNP integrations is the extent to which we care about the quality and satisfaction in our relationships with each and every customer.