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Joomla Day MinnesotaEvery time a JoomlaDay is carried out in a new place, it spawns enthusiasm in the community while bringing together old and new friendships alike along with introducing folks to new things about Joomla in which everyone can benefit. These events open a gateway for getting involved and doing more with Joomla! Once we take advantage of this momentum, then we’ll be able to do much greater things with what we know.



Joomla and family are really synonymous when you get involved in the Joomla community and both mean a lot to me. Once you begin participating, Joomla quickly becomes an extended family of passionate, like-minded professionals with common skillsets, multi-faceted interests and diverse cultural mix of worldly experiences. True, it sounds like kind of mouthful, but it is hard to actually put the coolness into words for being part of this charming, often spirited, yet sometimes borderline dysfunctional (said with a smile of course), amazing community. To celebrate the exciting activities going on in the world of Joomla and to bring folks from this global community together, official Joomla User Groups (JUG’s) often collaborate, contribute, and plan JoomlaDay events around the world (



Here is why this event is important to me (“my story and I am sticking to it”). After transplanting to the East, near Boston, over 14 years ago from the Midwest (I so miss the vibrant music scene there), I settled in around 2006 to build our Joomla centric business.  This has been a great time to do stuff on the web and Joomla has become so much more than just a technology platform for us. 



Over the past 9 to 10 years of being involved in the Joomla Community, I have been waiting for a JoomlaDay event to happen in my hometown’s MN Twin Cities.  Finally after 9 plus years of waiting there is finally a JoomlaDay MN planned for July 19th in Minnesota. The only bummer is that I cannot go and to make matters more frustrating, I will be right there in MN and WI at that time. It’s kind of like putting a kid in a candy store with him knowing he cannot taste any of it.



I am so blessed to have come from a large family with many uncles, aunts and great uncles etc. and every three years, one of the groups (branches in our massive tree) takes charge of hosting our family reunion. This event spans three days and draws kinfolks from all around the country and sometimes visits from our relatives of originating all the way from Denmark where we have a family crest and a rich history.  It turns out that our Nielsen Family reunion is on the same weekend and our branch of the family are the hosts this year. Needless to say, I have to be there. ;-)  



There are however, one or two things I can do and that is to be a cheerleader and sponsor of the event.



Joomla is a powerful suite of tools that meets the needs of customers and businesses that utilize it. If you need to build, design, or code a website, or if you just simply want to learn more and know folks that do – this is going to be well worth your time. You will definitely end the event with new friends and plenty of inspiration. Many folks get involved with Joomla as an opportunity for the professional freedom and the flexibility it offers as a powerful online business and content management solution. The work of everyone contributes to your success through working with this open source technology platform.



We want to make a lot of big noise to our many friends and extended family in the Twin Cities to please get out and participate in the great event. I would include family in this call out but as stated they will be with me up in the North woods celebrating Danish culture. :)


With everything said and done, why is this an important event? I can enumerate it for you but where’s the fun in that? Better yet, go to the web site and see for yourself what the buzz is all about.



There are so many great presentations and this is a great opportunity to get involved. I know some of the most amazingly creative and technically smart folks I have ever met will be there.



Here is a “you betcha” special Minnesota deal. Get a $25 discount on admission by going here.


It is going to be remarkable to have so much of my family and extended family all so close in one place. I may not be there physically but I will certainly be there at JoomlaDay MN in spirit. I am sure this will be the beginning of something great for the growth of the Joomla community in the Twin Cities. I hope you choose to be a part of it!