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Some of the highlights in the year for CNP is the opportunities that we have to get together with the Joomla! community around the world for local Joomla!Day events and international conferences.  This last weekend I had the opportunity to join the New York Joomla! community for their 2012 Joomla!Day NYC, and got to meet a great bunch of folks doing some really amazing things with Joomla!.

Over the weekend I was able to present 4 separate times on various Joomla! topics ranging from building Joomla! sites in multiple languages, to sitting on a panel for Joomla! security.  Together with the rest of the great speakers at this event, anyone who came got a wide range of sessions covering just about every aspect of developing or running your Joomal! site - including a fun session where anyone asked any question about Joomla! they wanted, and got an answer!

One of the biggest highlights of events like these is just being able to meet new friends in Joomla!, and connect with old ones, and Joomla!Day NYC does a great job at that.  Thanks to the event host (Microsoft) and the great organizers (Laura Gordon, Marian Konop, and Scott Walpo), we had a great time catching up with old friends, and making plenty of new ones.  When it comes down to it, the Joomla! community is about people, and you won’t find a friendlier bunch in any other community.

We also took some time while people were together to work on some Joomla! community material.  With the upcoming release of Joomla! 3.0 this week and the exciting new features and capabilities it holds, we were eager to get people’s impressions of the new version, and what potential it holds for site developers and administrators around the world.  Keep your eye out for a great new video with some of those reactions in the next few days!

Bottom line, if you’re developing Joomla! sites, or even just a site administrator or user, Joomla! events provide a perfect opportunity to meet other folks using Joomla!, learn more and get your questions answered, and see what the Joomla! community is all about!  There’s another Joomla! event in a couple months - the first ever Joomla! World Conference - an event you won’t want to miss.  And don’t forget to keep an eye on the Joomla! Events Site for information on events all over the world!