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content-management-system-infographic-sm2CNP Integrations is “double down” on delivering Tools, Training and Support for Joomla CMS and not only are we better off for it, so are our customers. I often get asked by friends in the web development industry why does your company, CNP Integrations, not support all or any other of the CMS solutions? They think for some reason it could bring us more business. Perhaps more clients "maybe" but better customers "no" and better service to these customers "no".

Most web development companies will support whatever you want to build in whatever platform you want it built in. Thus with outsource networks booming in India and other countries abroad the marketplace is filled with folks that will do just about anything “IT” for money. The question is how well can they really do one thing well if they are trying to do everything? Not all technologies are the same and while true you should use the right tool for the right job Joomla CMS shines far above as an easy to use and cost effective problem solver in most business environments.

Matching the CMS to the need in the marketplace

My response to those that question why we have centered ourselves around Joomla is that “Joomla CMS is the very best solution for the customers we want to attract and by focusing on this one platform, we are able to provide a higher level of service and support”. This intentionally targeted approach allows us to stand out among our competitors and attract better clients. Being focused on the Joomla CMS and doing it better, faster and with greater value than anyone else is our mission and unique value proposition. It is not that we do not have skills on the other platforms (we use them all the time to convert folks over to Joomla - [smile]) but rather where we have made a conscious effort to be better than our competitors with Joomla specifically. This strategy so far has worked for us and won us many trusted ongoing relationships with top notch companies.

Great customers make a great company

As a virtual company with talent across the globe we are bound together by our customers and thus we can only be as good as our customers. I was reminded about this as I ran across the very nice “info graphic” which tries to put Joomla in perspective among the other CMS solutions. While this is not all inclusive and I know some of the statistics are actually higher for Joomla, it is an interesting overview that I felt worthy of sharing. Since CNP Integrations is focused on clients that are served best by using a CMS solution we then turn to look at what solution has the most available features, stability, flexibility for extending in the future and ease of use for the content contributors or administrators. In our book Joomla leads the pack when compared against these criteria.

Time, Talent and Money

One myth though that I want to clear up related to the many great CMS tools is that it is not the CMS that will ultimately make your project great or exceed your expectations but rather the talent you hire to help you execute your project. Time constraints and budget are also driving factors but the real key is how well your team can deliver quality with the tools they know best. This goes back to why our company has worked so hard to deliver focused service with the best possible efficiency leveraging the Joomla CMS.

Passion for Business Solutions

Early on I (as the founder of CNP) was passionate about the whole concept of open source technologies because I felt they offered smaller businesses a level the playing field, a lower cost of entry and powerful tools to drive their growth or compete to a larger customer base. I also saw the opportunity in the marketplace for service businesses like ours that can help companies deploy these technologies with confidence and security. This led me/us on a bandwagon to the right solution for a client base that would offer a sustainable business model. Joomla stood out in front of the rest because it was powerful, extendable and easy to use. Over the past 7 years it has continued to lead the way with innovations for small business use.

Joomla is not just a CMS but a thriving community

Joomla as an organization is very unique because it is not only a platform and a CMS but a vibrant community of volunteers. This vast community can be incredibly inspiring at the same time make you sometimes frustrated sifting through so many opinions to get things you would like to see in the software done. Questions around how this community ticks in part led myself and others in our organization towards getting more actively involved, which then led us then to get even more involved because it was if nothing else super fun. In the beginning we started contributing code and participating in events since it helped drive interest in our company and keep our team better informed. Then after a while when the marketplace started to throw money at powerful CMS alternatives we wanted to get a pulse on the longevity of the project and to better know the key players and what motivated them, which by the way are all volunteers. I have to say the more we give to Joomla it seems the more we get back and I am blown away at how so much great stuff gets done through their unique collaboration model.

Somehow greatness just happens

As a volunteer organization Joomla has teams, committees and working groups in a rather unconventional business model that I will not try to explain here. However, some of the ideas, inspirations and often unintentional efficiencies that pop out of the Joomla working groups, most large corporations would drool to see it happen with their production teams. Almost all of the other CMS systems in the marketplace have a commercial branch with investment driving them at least in part and some with very deep pockets. I am amazed at how all of these resources don not chip away at Joomla’s core value or the quality and innovation in the software they produce. In fact Joomla is thriving more every day. The high level of talent that interacts on a global level, with  this open source project, pulls together broad perspectives towards a unique common purpose and it is what in my mind will make Joomla remain a leader just a cut (or two) above the others for long into the future.

Joomla like any other community or large organization has its push backs, power struggles and politics but at the end of the day it has made one of the very best and most powerful open source CMS platforms in the world. Sort of at times what may seem like a dysfunctional family but turns out to be a dedicated unit bound by loyalty and respect. Joomla as a community has become an extended family to many and built loyalty parallel to many great brands such as Apple, Harley Davison and others. While there is a significant effort by the vast group of volunteers and supporters to do things on purpose, at times there is a by product of this unique collaboration that seems to make unexpected greatness “just happen”.

If there is any question why we at CNP Integrations seem to be so evangelic towards Joomla CMS, get involved with us and jump on board our Joomla bandwagon and you will soon find out why our approach to solving business problems with web technologies and specifically Joomla is so infectious.