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Featured in the Joomla! Community Magazine

Showcased at JoomlaDay Chicago 2012, JoomlaDay New York 2012, and the Joomla World Conference 2012

Technology: Joomla! CMS, K2, custom Drupal to Joomla! migration, Securelive
Status: Delivered and currently supported


The Challenges

This site presented us with many challenges from the very beginning. For starters, we were faced with the task of securing a failing Drupal site that was getting maliciously hacked on a regular basis due to being severely out of date, and ill-maintained. After we got past that we were presented with the daunting challenge of a large scale Drupal to Joomla! migration, the first of it’s kind. With combined content of 200,000+ articles alone, each with 15-20 unique fields in Drupal, and tens of thousands of users, this was definitely a unique challenge. Once the migration process itself was nailed down, we were presented with the requirement to clone the site’s previous template from Drupal into a Joomla! template. Finally, due to the high-profile nature of this site, we had to secure the new site as well.

My Puget Sound Community Portal System Project Overview:

Showcased at Joomla Day Chicago 2012 and the Joomla World Conference 2012

Client: State of Washington - Puget Sound Partnership

Technology: Joomla! CMS, ProjectFork, JomSocial, DocMan, Mosets tree, SOBI2, Kunena, Seyret Video Pro, Wiki w/bridge
Status: Delivered and supported under 3 yr contract - no longer supported

Description: The portal is a feature rich community portal designed to streamline communications between over 300 partners and thousands of individuals and organizations throughout the Puget Sound region in Washington State. This unique communication system offers numerous collections of content for distinct audiences within this niche community of organizations, counties, neighborhoods and environmental enthusiasts. The tools within the system were modeled after many of the popular social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin or youtube and integrate with many of these external sites as well for a best of bread solution. Users are segmented by profiles and can freely exchange information with others in the community. Content repositories, activity forums and groups are managed and moderated yet the system is designed to encourage and inspire participation.

Since May of 2010 CNP Integrations has worked with the Puget Sound Partnership and the State of Washington to provided support in the following areas: consulting, creative design, technical expertise, custom programming and training, content development and customer service support for the community portal system.

DESCRIPTION: Green Collar Media offers one of the largest collections of white papers and company listings for companies that support green technologies. This project was developed in an earlier Joomla! CMS framework (J1.0). Client required several custom modules to be built, a new template and design strategy to be implemented. CNP provided technical and programming support, strategic consulting, training and configuration services to help this client re-design and re-launch the portal.

DESCRIPTION: The American Society of Microbiology (ASM) maintains a large database of image, rich media, research data and other knowledge assets related to microbiology. CNP Integrations was tasked with designing and building a new data model that leveraged Joomla CMS and Mighty Extensions to build a system that could be managed by non programmers and in-house resources. In addition the design model had to allow for system scalability over time. Some of the new features required interaction with social technologies and complex search algorithms with required several in-depth custom programming challenges. CNP met these challenges along with writing complex data import scripts which migrated all of the data from the legacy database into the new system. After some administrative training to the ASM team leader, the project was then handed off for further development by the ASM.

DESCRIPTION: This project had been going on for several years with several failed attempts by other development companies. CNP Integrations was brought in to completely redesign and rearchitect the platform in a way that would improve performance and allow the principles of the company to sustain the application after its initial development. This platform was built using the Joomla! CMS and component extensions developed by the Mighty Extensions team.