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Boston MA, On May 24th at 1 PM CNP Integrations is proud to present a new webinar and discussion focused on web security for Joomla! CMS and their unique hosting platform which optimizes security for Joomla! CMS. This webinar will offer an inside peak at some of the most common threats on the internet today and ways you can protect yourself from them with an advanced security tool suite call SecureLive.

This presentation led by Jeff Brown, an industry leader in web security solutions and the CEO of, will cover a three tiered approach to an effective security strategy and what to look out for on an information highway filled with cyber criminals.

The SecureLive 3 STEP SECURITY SYSTEM, blocks malicious website attacks and also triggers offensive features to reduce and shut down hackers.


            • Continuous Scan - key to high capture rate

            • Global protection: Like having extra eyes

            • Not all needs are created equal - custom user controls

            • Recognition - the key to blocking hackers before attacks


            • Real-Time alerting - the pulse of your security

            • Real-time monitoring - altering your strategy on the fly

            • The invisible war - Hacker traffic tagging / logging

            • Keep an open communication loop - Multiple msg. options


            • You must know who they are - logging violations, capturing attacker signature

            • Proper records are key - legal options

            • Reducing attacks - global record-keeping is vital

            • Information cooperation - the key to winning the the war

In the past 4 years, SecureLive has become the go-to solution for protecting Joomla! CMS and other php based applications. SecureLive is recognized by large industry and top level law enforcement for delivering best of breed web security results. Since 2010, SecureLive has worked directly with the FBI to streamline the record keeping and submission of hacking data that helps prosecute cyber criminals.

Join CNP Integrations and other Joomla! CMS security enthusiasts on May 24th at 1 PM for an hour long webinar and discussion. Registration is available online: visit the CNP Integrations webinar page for more information:

CNP's new webinar series is free, and open to any Joomla! users, or people interested in Joomla!. Upcoming regular, monthly webinars will cover topics such as Joomla! Security, Mobile for Joomla!, Extending Your Joomla! Content, Learning Management with Joomla!, and many more helpful topics for Joomla! CMS site owners, administrators, and users.

CNP Integrations is known for delivering world class support for Joomla CMS

CNP Integrations has an engaged global team of technical and configuration experts and employs highly skilled programmers and project managers with the focus of providing the most responsive web application support services for the Joomla CMS and other compatible technologies. CNP Integrations is a business division of Creative Networks Protocol Inc., a Massachusetts based corporation. CNP Integrations offers premium technical support and hosting with a value building methodology and a proven process of project management success.

CNP can be found on line at the following web portals:,, and

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