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For Immediate Release:

Boston MA, CNP Integrations’ Joomla support team was selected to present at the Joomla World Conference, to be held November 16-18 in San Jose CA.

The Joomla World conference “A worldwide event for Joomla!® developers, designers and end-users” [ ] to be held November 16-18 in San Jose CA, will have CNP Integrations [ ] top project management team and Joomla experts contributing to the extraordinary line up of Joomla! CMS professionals scheduled to present. The Joomla World Conference is the first of its kind and will attract visitors from around the world to participate in educational seminars, hands on workshops and social events crafted to inspire Joomla’s global development and user community to new heights. Joomla! CMS is an award winning open source content management system and web application development platform that is used on over 2.8 % of all websites on the internet with more than 35 million downloads worldwide.

CNP Integrations has built their consulting business and core expertise around supporting this powerful suite of tools for online applications. They are active participants in the vibrant community that surrounds this innovative software movement and to help extend the framework as developers of custom extensions. CNP offers tools training and support for building Joomla based web sites, responsive mobile applications and online communities. “We are greatly honored and appreciate the ability to share information and interact with such a broad audience of Joomla users. It is such a joy to participate in this wonderful community of extremely talented professionals and to meet folks with new perspectives, unique challenges or solutions to interesting problems. These types of events offer us a chance to interact with our peers, get inspired and take away new ideas that benefit our customers.” Says Christopher Nielsen, CEO and cofounder of CNP Integrations.

At the Joomla World Conference, the CNP Integrations team will contribute four unique presentations with perspectives that benefit a broad audience of developers, designers and end users.

For Immediate Release:

Boston MA, On May 24th at 1 PM CNP Integrations is proud to present a new webinar and discussion focused on web security for Joomla! CMS and their unique hosting platform which optimizes security for Joomla! CMS. This webinar will offer an inside peak at some of the most common threats on the internet today and ways you can protect yourself from them with an advanced security tool suite call SecureLive.

This presentation led by Jeff Brown, an industry leader in web security solutions and the CEO of, will cover a three tiered approach to an effective security strategy and what to look out for on an information highway filled with cyber criminals.

The SecureLive 3 STEP SECURITY SYSTEM, blocks malicious website attacks and also triggers offensive features to reduce and shut down hackers.


Christopher Nielsen to be Guest Speaker at Joomla Day Chicago

Boston MA, On July 12th, Christopher Nielsen, announced as featured case study presenter at Joomla Day Chicago in August.

On August 10th at 12:15 PM, Christopher Nielsen, co-founder of and Joomla enthusiast, will be giving a presentation about building community web sites with Joomla CMS. This presentation will explore a case study on which was a 3 year support contract executed by the team at CNP Integrations for the State of Washington and the Puget Sound Partnership.

The talk will cover some common checklists for building effective community sites and then go through the details of the unique process and requirements involved with developing and supporting the community portal built with Joomla CMS.

“What made this project unique was the complexity of the requirements related to delivering technology systems to a Government Agency combined with time constraints and intricate feature integrations.” Says Christopher Nielsen CEO of CNP integrations and Project Manager for the contract.

In preparation for the presentation Christopher Nielsen has started a 4 part blog series to outline key aspects of building community portal sites with Joomla CMS. Each of the four articles will cover a unique perspective on community building and present questions and check list elements you can use for planning and collaborating with the stakeholders in a community site. This information is intended to be helpful for achieving better results and momentum with your end users in a community centric Joomla CMS portal. Visit the Joomla Design Services Blog for more information:


Joomla 1.5 Lifeline Program - CNP Integrations Offers extended lifecycle of Joomla 1.5

Boston MA, On June 28th, CNP integrations ( presented a FREE webinar focused on educating Joomla! CMS users about the challenges and processes for migration of a Joomla 1.5 web site to the new Joomla 2.5 platform. In this webinar CNP Integrations announced their new Joomla 1.5 Lifeline program to help folks that have Joomla 1.5 web sites with significant customizations or complexities that would make it cost prohibitive to migrate in the short term.

The Joomla 1.5 Lifeline program offers an opportunity to maximize your investment and strengthen your return on using the Joomla technology while preparing you for the next phase in your online development.

“What we found is that many of our larger long term clients faced a dilemma where the cost to migrate their often complex portal systems built in Joomla 1.5 to the new J2.5 framework was simply cost prohibitive in the time frame left before Joomla 1.5 reached “end of life” in its development lifecycle. This significantly impacts their security and extension code maintenance. What that also means is that they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The cost to migrate is not in their current fiscal budgets yet they need to secure and protect their current investments. The Joomla 1.5 Lifeline program is designed to solve that very pain point in the marketplace,” Says Christopher Nielsen CEO and technology manager for CNP Integrations.


Boston MA, On July 12th, Jon Neubauer, announced as featured case study presenter at Joomla Day Chicago in August.

On August 11th at 10:15 PM, Jon Neubauer, Project Manager and Joomla Community evangelist and Joomla CMS expert, will be giving a presentation about a new process CNP has pioneered to assist in migrating Drupal sites of any size over to the Joomla! CMS.

This presentation will be a case study on CNP Integrations most recent migration of the enterprise level portal system used by The talk will walk developers and site administrators through the migration process, using a live, successful, enterprise-level migration of a Drupal site to Joomla!. The presentation will focus on many of the business, process, and workflow decisions needed to make a successful migration. This

“Joomla! offers an ideal balance of power, flexibility, and ease of use – something business owners and administrators of large sites are increasingly putting a priority on. We’ve designed a path and process to allow sites to efficiently migrate to Joomla! as a stable platform to build their business or organization.” Says Jon Neubauer, Project Manager for the contract.

CNP Integrations is also preparing to release the source code, as well as an overview guide to it’s revolutionary process, giving developers and administrators the power to choose their own Web Platforms, and easily make the move to Joomla! as an alternative stable, powerful CMS.