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10 Hours of technical support training calculated at an hourly rate of $76.42 per hour for total purchase of $76.42

Support Policies

Case Management Support Policy

When you submit a case you are authorizing CNP to spend up to 4 hrs of billable time to: trouble shoot, test, configure or research what is causing the issue, required to resolve the issue or present information requested. If any anticipated issues take more than 4 hours; the assigned developer will stop work promptly after the initial discovery and consult with the client prior to continuing. All associated tasks that require more than 10 hrs of support will be submitted in a quote at the customer’s request or an email approval is required prior to further development unless the task is pre approved or part of regular scheduled work.

Billing and Payment Policy

CNP requires a prepayment retainer equal to the amount of your established project support burn rate; effectively reserving the CNP development team for the allotted time periods to support your projects and support requests. In order to respond effectively, CNP requires the flexibility in billing; since payment cycles are not always in sync with production schedules. As per our terms of service and statement of work guidelines the responsible client or customer authorizes CNP to provide billable services up to an amount equal to twice of the initial burn rate as they pertain to identified labor rates or per the descretion of CNP to effectively respond to the clients request my written or email and/or required resource definitions from the previous period in order to complete assigned project tasks or to meet schedule requirements.

If prepaid monthly retainer is delinquent between increments, at the discretion of the CNP project manager, CNP may continue to work up to twice the allotted burn rate billed and then immediate suspend work, until further payment is received.

For example: if the last prepayment for a designated time period covered 20 hours of work, CNP is authorized if required and deemed appropriate up to 40 hours within the same time period.  Our project managers will inform the customer in regularly scheduled project meetings or by email regarding the status of the burn rate as CNP progresses through the life cycle of the project.

Note: This may require weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments depending on the circumstances and rate of execution or resource requirements.

Note: If you host with us and have an approved credit application on file you may work with our services team and receive monthly billing for services used. If you do not have an authorized credit application on file you will be required to maintain a credit balance on your account. Your account must be kept current to avoid service inturruption or suspension.

To download a credit app click the following link: 

  Once completed return this info to your project or account manager for processing.

Tracking Process

Each month the assigned development team submits hourly time sheets and these sheets are reconciled with submitted payments. The customer will receive a monthly email entitled "Monthly Account Statement". The email attachment will contain any new invoices applied to your account during the month. If there are any payment(s) applied to these invoice(s), an "invoice statement" will show the invoice(s) details as well as the applied payment(s). If at any time there are invoices from a previous period that remain unpaid on the account, CNP will also send an "account statement" as a reminder. The account statement will list each unpaid invoice and the total balance due. As the project manager assigns tasks during the month, the developers will log their time spent on these projects as billable hours to the customer’s account. The billable hours will be converted to an invoice at the end of each month. The billable time and the work notes will be listed as individual line items on the invoice. Often these work notes are truncated since there is limited space on the invoice. Should the customer have any questions relating to these line items, please contact the individual project manager.

All customers are required to agree to our terms of service posted here on the web site. CNP has built this into our eCommerce check out process for the customer convenience. Customers with unique purchasing situations may request a credit application and apply for optional payment terms. This is subject to approval and review by the CNP Accounting and Finance Division and CEO or CFO.

Note: A burdened rate of 15% of the total retail selling price is added on to all products, components or materials purchased on clients behalf from Third party vendors.

Statement of Work (SOW) Defined

When CNP processes a quote and the customer approves this quote verbally or otherwise or you make an online purchase from our Service Catalog these are effectively considered statements of work (SOW) for engaging our services for the particular services and associated billable rates. Verbal authorization can engage our team based on your commitment to having us bill for our services under these labor categories. A full definition of a statement of work is outlined in our terms of service agreement.

You may download our terms of service argeements from the links below or browse the the onlive version or document repository.